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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Finally added a syndication feed

If - and Lord only knows why you may feel so inclined - you want The Knight Shift to come straight to your desktop via a newsreader program, you can do that now. Here's the Atom Feed for this blog. Earlier this morning I finally sat myself down to figure out what this feed/RSS/Atom stuff was all about. It wasn't really until I found Pluck during a search at Download.com that everything fell into place and ya know what, this is a pretty neat gimmick!

Oh yeah, I'm going to begin slowly revamping this blog's appearance during the next week or so. Nothing major yet but if you want something different, head over to Zip's Mighty Blog, run by a really cool guy I met at my wife's high school reunion this past weekend. It musta been Zip's picture with Bruce Campbell that turned my mind to think about Army of Darkness for yesterday's entry about Sears and KMart merging.

More later.