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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Forced medication on our kids?! (Awright Bush-bots, explain how THIS could possibly be conservative or Christian)

Every sensible and conscientious parent in America should swear an oath before Almighty God that they will KILL anyone from the government that tries to do this to their children. Failing to do that would only go to prove that they didn't really love or care for their own kids at all.

Seriously. The line has to be drawn somewhere and if not here... well, then where?

To all the people who voted for George W. Bush a few weeks ago: congratulations, you elected a Nazi.

Because this is exactly what Nazism was as a political/economic system. It was (and is) an all-powerful central government married to corporate interests that serve toward furthering the state's goals in exchange for a wide latitude for profit.

Looks like sometime in the next few days the U.S. Senate is going to vote on the "New Freedom Initiative", Bush's plan to force mandatory mental-health screenings on eventually all Americans, beginning with young schoolchildren. The whole thing is a massive nod by Bush toward the pharmaceutical companies that donated to his political campaigns. In other words, kickbacks and corruption in broad daylight. These companies stand to make BILLIONS when government agents start diagnosing kids for mental disorders and forcing expensive medications upon them... that only these companies happen to produce.

As of this writing Rep. Ron Paul (from Texas) is making an attempt to strip out the mandatory conditions of the bill, so that this kind of thing can only be done by parental consent. Paul is one of the few people on Capitol Hill that genuinely believes in the United States Constitution. Which probably lent itself toward his last effort to stop this going down in flames. With help from his own party, the Republicans: you know, the party of smaller government?

There is nothing "small government" about this. There is nothing conservative about this. And there sure as heck ain't nothing Christian about it either. Whoever conceived of this plan is a madman. And I would like to add my usual comment that whoever came up with this should be "dragged out into the street and shot" but I've no idea if that would entail a visit from guys in trenchcoats and dark glasses and earpieces.

That said though, I'm going to make this vow:

If someone from the government tries to force medications on me without my consent, I will kill him.

If someone from the government tries to force medications on my wife without either of our consent, I will kill him.

If someone from the government tries to force medications on my children without my consent, I will not just kill him. I will shoot him in both legs, drag him screaming to the center of town, make him suffer and die in the most painfully slow manner that I can come up with, and hang his carcass from the nearest telephone pole by its circular reproductive units with piano wire as a warning to the next ten generations of would-be gods that "sic semper tyrannis".

Like I said, if we don't put a stop to this madness NOW, WHEN do we do it? And what can we possibly tell our children when they ask why we didn't stop it when we had the chance?