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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Get your black hoods ready: today we "Mosh"

Click here for Eminem's "Mosh" video (32 MB Quicktime)

Was up 'til 2 A.M. this morning watching the first bits of news trickle in on today's election. Already there's chaos brewing in Ohio and Florida.

And the day is just getting started.

I'm heading to the polls in another hour or so. The only thing I'm really willing to openly predict is that this may be the most mechanically-plagued election in American history, what with electronic voting machines like Diebold and Sequoia all over the place... and if Baxter the chimpanzee could throw a monkeywrench into the works, why not an unscrupulous poll worker. Or those in charge of the system itself (Diebold's president has even admitted that he'll do whatever he can to help elect Bush). No paper trail on these things folks. Nothing to audit at all. I first saw these machines in action four years ago and they scared the hell out of me then. I hope and pray we don't see the full potential for anarchy reached with them today.

As for who I'm voting for President... well, let's put it this way: my vote won't go for anyone who's a hypocrite, a fake Christian, a compulsive liar, a practicing fascist, or anyone who once personally called me an "asshole" or had a meat-headed goon tell me to "get the fuck out of here!" Parse that as you will...


Chris Knight said...

Thanks fpoole :-) Can't wait 'til this day is over with though: I've felt too much like a "man on a mission" this past month. But from every indication I've seen, I'm going to see a little bit of triumph and vindication after tonight. The only real question now is: do or don't I send a dozen blackened dead roses to the White House tomorrow morning? ;-) After tomorrow though, this blog goes back to the usual musings of my skewed mind.

BTW, I got a phone call from my wife a little while ago: there's a school on the way to her own that I used to teach at, and people are lined up way to the road to get in to vote. Lisa's classroom is being used as a polling place today so while she's temporarily dislocated, she's gonna be perfectly situated to see how big a turnout there is. She said local radio's reporting that one place had 500 people lined up right now to get in.

To quote that guy from John Carpenter's Big Trouble in Little China: "I got a real positive feeling about this." :-)