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Saturday, January 08, 2005

A business proposal to the Bush Administration from its friends at The Knight Shift

Hell, I'd be a fool to pass up an opportunity like this...

January 8, 2005

Dear White House staff,
In light of the recent discovery of new market areas, I wish to forward this proposal to you: that I will post anything you want to appear in this blog and pledge to bring the full weight of my journalistic presence toward promoting any issue that you wish to persuade the American people on, provided you can find the generosity to also donate to this media outlet the standard advertising fee of $250,000.

Yes, I admit to having a marginally smaller audience than Armstrong Williams. But as fellow Christians I call upon you to practice the "Seed Faith" that Oral Roberts and that weird-haired lady on the Trinity Broadcast Network espouse: give this blog a lot of money and trust that it will lead to The Knight Shift becoming a major press powerhouse.

I will patiently await your response at theknightshift@gmail.com. Until then I am most sincerely, yours truly,

Rupert Christopher Farnsworth-Finster Mildred Higgenbottoms Knight III, Esq.
The Knight Shift