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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Yet another thought on contemporary Christianity

Doesn't it seem like too many Christians nowadays have based their faith on the Rapture instead of basing it in Christ?


Michael said...

Man, I totally agree. I want to make a bumper sticker that says "In case of rapture I owe Tim LaHaye a BIG apology!"

Chris Knight said...

LOL!! Excellent idea Mike :-)

Until very recently, the Rapture was something that I never questioned, and always assumed that it would happen (well at least since first becoming a Christian anyway :-P). But now... I'm not so sure. The past month or so especially, I've been reconsidering what it is to hold so zealously to that belief. And even if it *really* holds up under the scrutiny of scripture.

It's still too early on to tell which side of the lawn I'll wind up falling down onto, but two things I have resolved: that whether someone believes in a pre-millennial Rapture or not will not be something that discriminates against fellow believers. That, and also this...

That I am thoroughly convinced that when the unfolding of the end begins, it will happen in a way that is TOTALLY accurate to what we are told in scripture. At the same time, it will be UNLIKE ANYTHING that has entered into the realm of human understanding and imagination. It makes sense: the first coming of Christ adhered completely to prophecy and yet was so different from what was expected, that enough were disappointed in Him that they crucified Him. Why should His second coming be any different? Why, even, should *we* as His bride believe that we could possibly possess knowledge of every detail of His return?