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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

So we got an Xbox for Christmas and I'm FINALLY "getting it" about why Halo is so frickin' awesome!!


Okay, I'm not that far into the game as most people have been, who've probably won the thing and gone onto Halo 2 (which I can't wait to play but I'm a conservative videogamer: gotta finish one game before moving on to any sequels) so maybe this will make sense eventually. Right now it makes positively none to me.

I spent 2 hours last night stuck on that level where the mission is to lead your team aboard the Covenant ship via the "gravity lift" thingy. So far I'm still stuck. Gonna try it again late tonight but that ain't what's buggin' me.

WHY in the WORLD am I trying to take out an ALIEN ship that is named the "TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION"?!?!?

"Truth and Reconciliation"?! There'd better be some method to the Bungie guys' madness here, 'cuz that's about the most UN-THREATENING name for an evil alien enemy's warship as I've ever seen anywhere in fiction... and that's what's positively scaring me, for some weird reason. Say, wasn't "Truth and Reconciliation" the name of that committee that Bishop Desmond Tutu headed up in South Africa after apartheid ended there? PLEASE don't tell me that Bishop Tutu is onboard that ship trying to destroy humanity.

He ain't, right?

BTW, Halo is sooooo beautiful that sometimes Lisa has to come in and watch me play, just to take in all the amazing scenery and incredible sounds. This might be the most intoxicating game I've ever played.

That gives me an idea: maybe write a post about the best videogames I've ever played and why they're so good. Yeah, I'll work on that :-)