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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Last night's midnight premiere of Revenge of the Sith ...

They told me to bring Kleenex. I didn't listen to them. Titanic didn't faze me at all. The Passion of the Christ left me numb with horror but no tears there either. There were moments during Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings trilogy that welled-up my eyes but those were all "happy" tears, like when in The Return of the King when Sam tells Frodo "I cannot carry it for you... but I can carry YOU!" Until now the most overwhelming experience in a theater was when I caught Schindler's List back in '94, ironically enough that one also had a background score by John Williams.

Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith is the most overwhelming movie I have probably seen in my entire life. And I cried plenty of times.

I can't talk about it right now. It needs some time to sink in and we're going to catch it again with Brian AKA Darth Larry this evening. Lisa didn't go with me last night: it was Weird Ed, Darth Larry and his lovely spousal overunit, about a dozen of his friends and me in a Jedi getup. I got a feeling that my shoulder is going to get a lot of crying on before this night is over with... I just wish I had one to have cried on last night.

Dear Lord, this movie is brutal. More brutal than The Passion of the Christ in some ways, even.

Okay, more later after my brain has digested more about last night's show. But I'll end with this: The Duel did not disappoint!


Chad said...

I didn't cry, but it was quite an emotional movie on a number of levels.... Everything still hasn't quite sunk in....I definitely want to see it again soon....You still up for the Star Wars marathon?

Chad said...

BTW, any pics of you (or others) in Jedi garb from the premiere in Greensboro? Can't wait to show you the pics from here in Raleigh.

Chris Knight said...

Yah the marathon is still on I think Brian wants to do that too :-) I wore my Jedi costume but didn't take pictures, but Ed did with his camera. It was a pretty wild night here in Greensboro, at least two overgrown Yodas running around the place not to mention various Sith lords and Jedi :-P