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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Last ride of the Jedi

Right now I'm sitting behind the keyboard wearing my Jedi costume. Didn't want to but all my friends said I *had* to wear it for this one, the very last midnight premiere of a Star Wars movie. Figure I'd probably regret not doing it years later so I'm covering the bases.

Waiting for Weird Ed to get here and then its off to the theater. Will report back later tomorrow: no way I could stay awake any longer than I absolutely need to after going two days without sleep already working on Forcery.

And hey, we got Forcery in the can just before Revenge of the Sith comes out, exactly as our goal was! Woulda been better if we had it done months ago but hey, it still counts right? :-)

As soon as it has a home online, prepare to be blown away. In more ways than one. I certainly am. There's a double meaning there, which you shall soon understand :-P