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Saturday, June 25, 2005

FORCERY - Quicktime Video Download Page

KWerky Productions



Chad Austin


Melody Hallman Daniel

starring in

Some said it couldn't be done. Others said it shouldn't have been done. But... we did it! A parody of Misery, the Rob Reiner film based on the Stephen King novel. Only in this version it's George Lucas, creator of the Star Wars saga, who crashes in a blizzard just after finishing the script for Episode III, then gets "rescued" by his "number-one fan". "Nice job!" is what "Weird Al" Yankovic told us after he watched it. Plenty of sly in-jokes and references for keen-eyed fans of both George Lucas and Stephen King to find. Actually there's a little something in this for everyone. And don't worry, we made this to be a good, clean movie that anyone in the family can enjoy. If you like comedy in the vein of "Weird Al" Yankovic and the Airplane! and Naked Gun movies, we think you might like this one too.

From this page you can download Forcery in Quicktime video format. Five sizes are available, including one specially encoded for the newer Apple iPod models with video capability.

To watch these you will need the latest version of Apple Quicktime installed on your computer.

If you would like to download any of these, right-click on the video's link and select "Save as" (or whatever the heck it is that you Mac folks do :-)

SUPER SIZE (467 MB, 480x270 resolution)

LARGE SIZE (358 MB, 448x252 resolution)

MEDIUM SIZE (193 MB, 384x216 resolution)

MICRO SIZE (97 MB, 256x144 resolution)

Apple iPod Edition (254 MB, 320x180)

You can also watch Forcery - serialized into seven installments - on YouTube. Here is Part 1:

And here are the links for all the chapters:
Forcery Part 1
Forcery Part 2
Forcery Part 3
Forcery Part 4
Forcery Part 5
Forcery Part 6
Forcery Part 7

Special thanks to Ourmedia for hosting the movie!

And VERY special thanks to Chad Austin, Melody Hallman Daniel, Ed Woody, Darla Gritton, David Choate, Nate Daniel, Mom and Dad Knight (especially Mom for catering), Marc Solomon, David Atlas, my sister Anita (who operated the clapboard for one scene), Kenneth and Laurie Wright and family, David and Carla Woody, David Wilson and Short Sugar's Drive-In, Lisa McBrayer, Deborah Wilson and Brian Hodges and Kyle Williams, Roland Shepley and Scott Baxley, and everyone else who helped in one way or another to make this dream (obsession?) become a reality :-)