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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Kyle Williams impersonates Paul McCartney while writing good piece on property ruling

Philosophical/theological wunderkind Kyle Williams this week is brilliant as usual with a great essay on Thursday's ruling by the Supreme Court allowing cities to seize personal property for commercial development. Here's an excerpt from the WorldNetDaily website:
The lines have become blurred in the Court as the idol for city governments has become economic development and its purposes are deemed much more important than the right of citizens to simply own land without threat. The community – or at least the greedy interests of politicians – is now much more important than the individual, and any business or home that has found itself on the wrong end of favor by the powers that be is now under threat to be replaced by a beachfront hotel or resort.

The implications of this decision are simply staggering, because the essence of America was founded upon the right of the individual to own and keep private property. The Supreme Court of the United States has thrown all original intent to the wind and endorsed not a constitutional republic, but a lawless form of government reminiscent of fascism. Justice Stevens may as well have had a copy of Karl Marx's "Communist Manifesto" on his desk while writing his opinion, because his redefinition of the term "public use" has superseded the rights of the private individual...

Personally I think this article is especially noteworthy because it features a new photo of Kyle and I'm torn between which does he look more like: George Harrison or Paul McCartney?