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Saturday, June 25, 2005

A wry observation about recent events on this blog

There's been two main stories that I've posted about on this blog in the past few days.

One was about a Supreme Court ruling. The other was a more personal subject.

One was an affirmation that the United States now has the same driving philosophy behind it that once guided German Nazism and Italian Fascism. The other was a simple statement about a subject in my life that several people had inquired about already: after someone else had done a few things in order to attach a stigma to my being, I felt led to respond.

One of these subjects deals with the destruction of the foundation of every liberty that America is supposed to stand for: without recognizing the right to do what you wish with your own property, there can be no rights, period. The other subject is infinitesimally smaller in comparison.

One subject involves the future of hundreds of millions of Americans... and indeed, the very fate of our nation. The other involves, probably at most, a few dozen individuals.

Take a guess at which one has been making my blog's counter spin like mad during the past 48 hours.

If only some of these people could get this honked-off at the things that do matter.

Or is that too difficult for them? Do they really feel that helpless and weak to take on things that SERIOUSLY jeopardize their lives?

Are they so damned selfish that they don't CARE what kind of world it is that they are leaving their children?

If you are among these people, I really feel sorry for you. Because you are the real "loser" in all of this.

If ever worse comes to worst, some of us, at least, will have the comfort of knowing that - in whatever way we had - we did try to stop "the showers" from turning on.