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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

This is where and how America's next civil war begins

From the Associated Press via the Monterey Herald:
Tensions rise along San Diego Border between Minutemen, protesters

SAN DIEGO - Clashes between California Minutemen and protesters are heating up along the Mexican border with reports of shots fired and an alleged scuffle between a state senator's aide and a university professor.

The confrontation between University of California, Riverside, ethnic studies professor Armando Navarro and Mark Belgen, an aide to Sen. Bill Morrow, R-Carlsbad, allegedly occurred July 16 in the border town of Campo. The area, about 40 miles southeast of San Diego, is where several dozen anti-illegal immigrant activists have set up watch for migrants crossing the border. They are expected to continue patrols through Aug. 7.

Belgen was accompanying Morrow to Campo to support the California Minuteman Project's anti-illegal immigrant border patrol group, modeled after the group that monitored Arizona's border earlier this year. He alleges that Navarro kicked him.

Belgen was unhurt and told the North County Times he waited to report the incident until late last week because initially he did not know kicking was considered an assault.

Navarro, who heads the immigrants rights group National Alliance for Human Rights and was protesting the Minutemen, declined to comment to the newspaper, citing the seriousness of the allegations.

A message left for Navarro on Tuesday was not immediately returned. Morrow's office declined to comment, citing a pending investigation.

Minuteman volunteers and protesters have traded accusations in recent weeks...

I'm amazed that this hasn't registered on the national radar screen that much. Well, yet anyway.

The past few weeks and months have seen a lot of trouble brewing on the border with Mexico. And it's our own government's fault. President Bush outright refuses to do anything about the illegal immigration problem... hell he's practically inviting them to keep coming in! Congress is unwilling to tackle the crisis because with the exception of very few in the House or Senate, they're all afraid of losing Hispanic votes. Fercryingoutloud, conservative "hero" Grover Norquist just said that "It’s not clear to me that opposition to immigration is a vote-moving issue."

What the #$@% is going on here?!?

Lately I've been wondering a lot about the infamous John Titor, and whether he was really a time-traveler from the year 2036. Ya know why? 'Cuz he said a civil war in the U.S. is in its seventh year by 2012: a civil war between the United States government and rural American citizens. That would put it starting either this year or next. And there's nothing closer to pushing us over that brink as is the border situation. Regular American people have already begun doing the job that their own government refuses to do, illegals and criminals are shooting at American citizens from across the border and sometimes even well beyond it, and the Mexican military has even given escorts to "immigrants" streaming over the line. I'm all for legal immigration... but what's happening illegally is stretching our resources and infrastructure to the breaking point. Sooner or later - and more likely than not it'll be sooner - it's got to snape. And it ain't gonna be pretty.

Keep an eye on the U.S.-Mexican border over the next few months. It might be, in the words of a Chinese curse, in for some interesting times.


Anonymous said...

I have read John Titor’s time travel story and it sound very convincing, but there is one thing that blows his story’s credibility right out of the water. Had he got it correct to stay consistent with libertarian principals, his story may very well be undisputable. His flaw is an inconsistent philosophical principal.

Titor describes a war in which Americans are fighting those who established big government. These future Americans are fighting for the same reasons as our patriots did back in 1770’s which is to be free from tyranny so that you could live life as they choose and not as the state demands. He goes on to describe that after the war when peace is established that people live and provide for themselves in a free market economy. He further describes that the government is decentralized into five regions where each region has a president or a governor. In other words in this new America, the government is no longer big, controlling, no longer has its fingers in everyone business. If Titor had just stuck with this he would have been very compelling to believe, but he slips up.

Titor later then contradicts the free market economy stating that state welfare programs care for some people and that there are safety nets so that people do not go hungry or homeless. So first life is hard and everyone works hard to provide oneself in free trade economy of trade and barter. Now there is a welfare program, which requires state involvement in people’s lives. People who fought and died in a war that just ended in victory to be free are not going to allow the government (that they fought against) to tax them and redistribute the wealth back to the lazy and the unproductive. This is the very thing the fought against, big government!

Titor is a troll who is instigating reactions from people. Time travel is not possible, because an individual cannot exist in two realities at the same time. Time travel contradicts even the Bible, where God creates a man, an individual with one soul in present day reality according to God’s will. Think of it… If one could travel in time, one could destroy God, but undoing everything that God has done. However God does exist and he has done things, which were intended to be done according to his will, the there is only one timeline in which his will is to be implemented. Nothing stands between God and his will, especially fictitious time travel.

Now I can see a civil war in the future in the United States similar to what John describes, but it does not require time travel to retell the story. If you are intelligent and have the intellect to think you can foresee trends and logically deduce where the country is heading. Conservative rural America will not allow Liberals to run their lives. It just won’t happen.

When the war starts it won’t be huge, it will occur in small pockets of resistance, in small towns. Since rural conservative America does not have a centralized leadership to unify it under a common cause, then the liberals will be able vanquish small uprisings (or disobedience) as it occurs. It will start when rural America simply no longer obeys the laws the liberals pass. It will be a statement of undeclared independence from the union.

At first the liberals will send in government agents and armored vehicles, but rural America will kill them off easily. The media will have been televising first few operations as propaganda to impress and yet instill fear in people of big cities, however it will have reverse effect and this will cause quite a stir. The media will down play it and report misinformation to prevent mass hysteria. Further televising will not be shown from that point forward. In response to dealing with rural America and its stubbornness to comply with socialist utopian principals, the liberals will deploy troops to surround a town to ensure no one can escape the destruction of bombs being dropped from fighter-bombers. Helicopter gun ships and deployed troops will then follow up killing any survivors. These destroyed areas will then be off-limits to travel through. Leaving the major metropolitan areas will be prohibited, to ensure that masses do not see the destruction of rural America.

The liberals will chase rural America into the wilderness of forested-mountains to the north and the Appalachians, to the barren wastelands of the Mojave Desert and throughout the Sierra Nevadas and deep into swamps of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, without mercy. Basically the heartland of the country will be depopulated and people by the use of force will be crammed into nearest metropolitan areas. It really does not matter the social problems that this will create, because big government cares for you and they will solve your problems. Just have faith and long suffering and everything will be okay.

Now all this can be deterred believe or not! The one thing that is occurring in the world today is terrorism from Islam. If this country is attacked again, it will reopen the 9-11 wound and reunify most of the country, except for the Democratic Party. However, since both liberal and conservative blood will be spilled the normal automaton democrat voters will swing to national defense leaving the Democrat Party with no choice but to join the conservatives in defending the country. The Democratic Party will instantly lose eight years of ground in “delegitimatizing” the country’s efforts in the war on terror and they will have to start all over again, but I don’t think it will work a second time around. If hit for a second time, people will remember no matter how much propaganda is shoved down our throats.