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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

We are so DOOMed

The first time I heard about this it was 1994 and Ivan Reitman was supposed to direct it. Eleven years later and the movie version of Doom is finally coming out. Over at IGN.com they have an exclusive trailer for Doom. Wonder if the movie includes that legendary wonderful "Barney the Dinosaur" WAD that we all enjoyed back in the day...


Anonymous said...

Several of us from Sloan had fun building and playing Doom at Elon. Espically blowning up Barny and changing the floating eye creatures into tennis balls.

Chris Knight said...

My first year at Elon I tried making a new map for DOOM that would re-create the Elon campus. It would have been SOOO much fun killing Imps on the "Grassy Knoll" :-)