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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I've cried every time I watch this man

Harvey Jackson of Biloxi, Mississippi...
BBC has the story that's breaking hearts all over the place. Every time I watch Harvey Jackson talk about losing his wife like this I can't help but believe that he doesn't even know he's talking to a reporter, he's that kind of dazed about it. Not that anybody could blame him.

But I also like to think there's plenty enough room for a miracle: awful lot of incredible rescues happening from this. Praying that Harvey's wife will turn up safe somewhere.


Winston said...

I've never before had the urge to give someone on TV a hug until seeing this guy.

And I was impressed that the reported was not dispassionate about it. She sounded frightened and panicked.

Chris Knight said...

That reporter was fighting back tears. I practically expected her to reach out and hug Mr. Jackson and his kids.

BTW, I made a link to Federal Review from my own blog. It way deserved a pointer to. Enjoy!! :-)