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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Because we could all use a laugh right now...

Newsmax is reporting that the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky sexcapade is set to be portrayed next month in a new musical debuting on Broadway: "Monica! The Musical!-savoring glory.
Clinton Sex Scandal Ready for Broadway

A musical based on the sex scandal that turned Bill Clinton into the first elected president ever impeached is set to debut next month on Broadway.

"American Idol" veteran Frenchie Davis will play the role of Clinton's White House secretary Betty Currie in "Monica! The Musical!" - which premieres Sept. 21 as part of the New York Musical Theatre Festival.

Actress Christine DiGiallonardo plays the thong-snapping intern, with actor Duke LaFoon potraying Bill Clinton in all his cigar-savoring glory.

"Monica! The Musical!" reportedly has its own "toetapping" signature song - "Blue Dress."

Also to be portrayed in the musical are Hillary Clinton, Vernon Jordan, Janet Reno, George Stephanopoulos, and Ken Starr (gotta wonder how he got worked into this thing).

I wonder if it'll be nominated for any Tony awards...