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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Whatever Sudoku is I hope it's not contagious

It must be though, 'cuz I first heard about this in a newspaper two days ago and tonight at Border's bookstore there were maybe three books about Sudoku. And now my friend Chad has picked up on it. It's some kind of numerical logic game from Japan that according to Chad it's pretty addictive. I haven't played yet, haven't even studied up on the rules of the game but I might have to check this out.


Anonymous said...

Chris if you have not seen this you will want to it is really funny http://www.jokaroo.com/funnyvideos/nintendoacapella.html

Chris Knight said...

Thanks Geoff, that was hilarious!! :-)

Hey, please tell everyone at Antioch that I said hey and that I've been thinking about them.