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Sunday, August 21, 2005

This guy just hit on a surefire way to end ALL Islamic terrorism...

A rabbi in Israel wants to hang bags of pig fat in buses, as a means of deterring suicide bombers. The pig is a ceremoniously "unclean" animal in Islam (as it is in Judaism) but as some radical Muslims are in actual fear of being buried in pig skins and thus avoid the animals entirely, it might be enough to keep any with wrong intentions in mind a good safe distance away.

This lends itself toward another idea: serve large amounts of pork rinds on all commercial airline flights and means of mass transit. Leave the crumbs in the aisles and seat cushions. Make the entire plane and bus a massive poison pill to would-be terrorists and voila: a practical end to most terrorism!


Anonymous said...

We could also give the stewardesses (flight attendants) footballs to throw at would-be terrorists!