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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

My lovely spousal overunit has entered the blogosphere

Lisa finally decided that I was having way too much fun for my own good without her, so tonight she set up a blog of her very own. Notes From Lisa will be her online chronicle of her life as a musician, a teacher, and as wife to a very oddball man. Expect her to post musings on various subjects, reviews of movies and music, maybe even a recipe every now and then. In her first post she writes about disc golf, which I'd never heard of until she told me about it this afternoon. We're gonna fix her up with some custom graphics sometime too. Make it a pretty blog for a pretty lady :-)


Anonymous said...

What musical instrument(s) does Lisa play?

PS: See my comments on your "Hollywood gets exorcism all wrong" post below

Chris Knight said...

She plays clarinet really well, and has done solos on that in church. She's a REALLY good piano/keyboard player. I'm thinking of having her do some music for my next movie :-)