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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Strike a pose!

While wearing my Jedi costume a couple days ago I visited my wife's school just when the kids were all having their Halloween parties. A photographer from the Reidsville Review newspaper was there and he took a pic of me wielding my lightsaber. This was one of the photos that appeared on the front page of yesterday's edition:


Chad said...

A new suggested caption...

Chris Knight, husband of Monroeton Elementary School teacher Lisa Knight, teaches his padawans the proper way to wield a lightsaber on Halloween day.

Winston said...

The lightsaber is in need of some photoshop work.


(And I mean that fondly).

Chris Knight said...

We might videotape me sometime this week in costume swinging the saber, then AfterEffects-in a green blade and then post the video as a Quicktime file :-)

Chris Knight said...

P.S. I'm NOT a "geek"!


(with a nod toward Fred Blassie, wherever he may be :-)