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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Pssst... Hey you, wanna laptop computer for $398?

Somehow a lot of Wal-Mart's secret day-after-Thanksgiving sales prices have slipped out, according to CNN. Among the deals: a 12-cup coffee maker for $4.24 and a Hewlett-Packard laptop computer for $398. Here's praying that the slashed prices will extend to the Star Wars action figures :-)

While we're talking about Wal-Mart, you might recall that I reported my original hometown of Reidsville, North Carolina got a Wal-Mart Supercenter last week. Well I need to make note of something that's happened since then: previously the average price of gasoline in Reidsville had been around $2.45 a gallon. Then Wal-Mart opened and started selling gas for $2.29. Ever since last Wednesday the average gas price has plummeted all over town: it's now around $2.25 in most places, with the Wal-Mart itself selling it for $2.15 per gallon as of yesterday. That's thirty cents cheaper than the average price here in neighboring Greensboro. Lisa has been telling me that Wal-Mart coming to Reidsville would bring economic benefits with it but I hadn't been sure about that (you gotta know Reidsville to understand what I mean by that), especially considering that Rockingham County will have three Wal-Mart Supercenters in a few months' time, in one of the most rural counties in the state. But right now, it's hard to argue about that with her. If its arrival to Reidsville will continue holding gas prices at bay, I'm all for it being there now :-)


Eric H. Smith said...

Check out this link on my site http://www.erichsmith.com/maomart.html

You may not want Mao-Mart anywhere after looking at some of the dirt I have found.

Chris Knight said...

Yeah, I knew all about that already. As a point of principle I'll do my shopping at Target over Wal-Mart anytime. The only reason I went to 'em lately is because they were the only store open at midnight for the Star Wars DVD, and we just *had* to be somewhere to go out with a perfect streak of midnight madnesses :-) Otherwise though, Target is my first place of business. They're the better company IMHO.