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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Didn't the Nazis say the same thing when they forced Jews into the Warsaw ghetto?

The mayor of Riviera Beach in Florida is justifying his abuse of the new eminent domain powers that the Supreme Court gave governments by claiming that he's doing this to "rescue and save" the people who are already living in the areas that he wants to clear out, so that hotels and restaurants can be built there instead. "The America we want to live in is one that talks about personal sacrifices that you and that your colleagues talk about every night," Mayor Michael Brown told Sean Hannity earlier this week.

I said this last week, and I'll say it again: our soldiers in Iraq are dying for no reason at all if their purpose for being there is to protect American freedom. Because there is no more freedom in America, not really. When government can take away something that you own, just to give it to someone else that it favors, there no longer exists any basis for personal rights at all. This mayor sounds like someone out of the Soviet Union, or Nazi Germany, to be believing the kinds of things he's saying here.