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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

He's the King of the world: New Kong may sink Titanic

This goes hand-in-hand (or should I say hand-in-paw?) with something that I'll be posting, hopefully by tomorrow. Let's just say that Yours Truly has gone more than a little ape over the past day or two. But in the meantime, Drudge Report is saying today that some Hollywood suits are predicting that Peter Jackson's King Kong might break the all-time records for top-grossing movie set by Titanic when it came out in December of '97. "Grown men around me were crying," one insider said: "Yes, I think this will do Titanic numbers. It is going to be a huge movie."

I've been thinking that for about a week now too, wondering if King Kong may surprise everyone the way Titanic did. I remember a lot of people were saying back in '96-'97 that Titanic was going to be a disaster, and look how that turned out: about as perfect a movie as you can get. Well, I'm hoping that King Kong does climb to the top of the heap, and I'll tell ya why: I want to see James Cameron continue the tradition of sending a congratulatory card that Steven Spielberg and George Lucas started. Maybe on his it'll have Kong standing at the bow of the H.M.S. Titanic holding Ann Darrow with her arms spread out a'la DiCaprio and Winslett: He'll be the NEW king of the world!! Peter Jackson's earned that kind of honor, don't ya think? :-)

Okay, back to work. Expect more monkeyshines on this blog later.


Anonymous said...

No it should be Kong standing on the iceberg that sinks the Titanic :)