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Monday, January 23, 2006

Another perspective on cryonics

In the wee hours of this morning I made a post about a Wall Street Journal article regarding cryonics - the freezing of dead individuals in the hope that they may be someday "revived" - and how some people choosing to have this procedure done upon their deaths are arranging for their present finances to be awaiting them upon their anticipated return. I also shared some of my thoughts on the subject, which for the most part stems from my belief that our identities are more than the flesh we inhabit: that death is just one stage of our spiritual growth into what God intends for us to become.

A little while ago Mark Plus, a gentleman who works with one of people interviewed in the article and who is himself planning to receive cryonics treatment, made a comment to my original post. Although I may not necessarily agree with cryonics personally, I was genuinely impressed by the passion and sincerity that Mark has toward the subject, enough so that I have to respect the strength of his faith in this procedure, despite my own thoughts about it.

In the interest of fairness and discussion, because he is personally involved with the original Wall Street Journal story and because a lot of people are probably going to be interested in this, I invite you to check out Mark Plus's blog supersurvival needs, for another perspective on the subject of cryonics. And I'd like to sincerely thank Mark for not only finding this blog and my thoughts on this issue, but also taking the time to present his side of the subject.