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Monday, January 23, 2006

Superman is Methodist, and Rogue is a good little Baptist girl

Here's something I came across while randomly skimming the web: Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Characters (there's also this nifty visual grouping of them by creed). This is an exhaustive look at just about every major character in comic books and what their faith is. I've known for years that Nightcrawler is a devout Catholic (he almost became a priest). But did you know that Superman is a Methodist, that Batman may be a lapsed Episcopalian, that The Thing is Jewish, or that Rogue is a Southern Baptist? Well worth checking out if you're a comics fan or have a theological bent.


Anonymous said...

That is an interisting site

Anonymous said...

Not one Quaker in the entire bunch. Wonder why :-).


Chris Knight said...

Richard Nixon was a Quaker, and that didn't stop HIM! :-P

Chris Knight said...

How about a conservative Mennonite superhero? He has superpowers, but he doesn't believe in using them :-)

Anonymous said...

Ya had to bring the Nixon thing up didn't ya, Christopher :-). Hey, we had James Dean as well. We now have Bonnie Rait, Joan Baez, Dave Matthews and rumor has it, Brad Pitt attends Meeting for Worship when in England.

Thank goodness Nixon was from an evangelical Friends Meeting rather than a conservative (www.ncymc.org) Friends Meeting. If he had been from a Conservative Meeting, he probably would have been eldered (Quaker word for cornering someone right before disfellowshipping).

Love the Mennonite superhero idea. There is a Quaker-esk comicbook called "The Liberator". Pretty good, the "superhero" is the Good Samaritan.

Peace out, bro'!