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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Bush did NOT really say this, right?

Didn't watch the State of the Union speech, as I promised earlier. I'm just now reading about it and hearing some reaction to it. A lot of people are saying Bush was slurring his way through this one: wasn't all that on-it verbally. But then again we've come a long way in this country from the days of William Jennings Bryan, haven't we?

But one thing that he said tonight that... I just can't believe he's become this brazen about it. I mean if this was Reagan, or even Clinton who had said this same thing, the animosity this kind of statement would generate would be positively furious. But "God's anointed man for America" George W. Bush says it and somehow it's okay... and it's downright scary to know that there probably won't be a backlash against it.

Here's what Bush said earlier tonight:

"We hear claims that immigrants are somehow bad for the economy – even though this economy could not function without them."
This very foolish man is letting millions of illegals flood across the border from Mexico... and he dares tell the American people that we need that?!?

Years from now, when America is without shred of doubt a third-world country, with an economy in shambles and being unable to feed even ourselves adequately... well you can thank the "brilliant" leadership of people like George W. Bush for making it happen.

Oh yeah, found this story today about Bush's nephew George P. Bush making the "stunning" announcement that he's moving to Fort Worth, Texas. Only one thing a story like this screams to me (I mean c'mon why is moving someplace a big deal?): This is the guy the Bush clan is grooming to be the "next generation" of politician from their family. Some years after G.W. Bush is out of the White House, George P. is the one that the family will pin their hopes on for reclaiming it. George P. Bush: who campaigned for votes for his uncle while on the other side of the Mexican border. He'll be pimped and promoted as being some kind of "great man" who will save America... and there will be too many fools willing to buy into that, judging by how they fell for his uncle.

More than any other family in our history, the Bushes have betrayed America's future. And if nobody else will state the obvious, then I will.


qemuel said...

"My job is not only Commander-In-Chief but educator-in-chief."

Am I the only person who was offended by this extremely condescending statement?


Roch101 said...

But Bush was right. "THIS" economy could not function without immigrants. A high-wage, education driven America-first economy could, but a low wage, worker-exploited economy? Not so much.