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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

New blog bears a brimful of Brahms

Darth Larry - fellow Star Wars geek and wicked wielder of the cello - is the only person I know of who searches for Johannes Brahms collectibles on eBay. So he's taken his appreciation of the great German composer to the next level: The Daily Brahms. I'll let DL explain it...
welcome to my new blog. this is my little corner of the web on johannes brahms. he is one of my favorite composers and i thought this would be a fun and interesting project.

in the past year, i've had the distinct pleasure of playing quite a bit of his music. at times, it felt as though he was the only composer i was playing, which, frankly i didn't mind. i've been doing a lot of reading on him and the more i study him, the more fascinated i become of him.

which is where this blog comes in; perhaps a planting ground for everything that's been filtering in my brain about him and his music.

Pretty unique, ya gotta admit that. DL is a heckuva expert on classical music, so I'm gonna lend my ear to his keen insight on Johannes Brahms.