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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

"Echo? Eko!" New episode of Lost airs tonight

I didn't realize until a little while ago that tonight brings us the first Lost episode since November. The last time we looked in on the Oceanic Flight 815 survivors, Adebisi from HBO's Oz was down in the hatch recounting Hebrew history while giving Locke a new portion of the "orientation" film, before the episode ended with Michael getting AOL instant messages from his kid.

Okay, so he's not really playing Adebisi anymore, but word is that tonight is when we get the episode focusing on Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje's character Eko. We're supposed to find out a lot more about him... maybe even the reason for his 40 days of silence and why he's carrying that big stick around. My theory is that Eko is some kind of Christian mystic, like Emanuel Swedenborg (that may be stretching it though). I mean 40 days is the period of testing and purification in the Bible, so it makes sense that there's some religious significance at play here. I'll be watching it tonight... and maybe this weekend I can finally start watching that Lost Season 1 DVD set that I got for Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Looking foward to tonight's ep as well. I got Season 1 (since I never saw any of season 1) for Christmas and have watched all the eps and will watch the extra disc this weekend!

Andy said...

Marvellous show!! assuming the writers do pull this off, "Lost" is possibly the best show ever to hit television.It's almost unbelievable to follow the concept of people being stranded on an island in this age of technology.Enjoi all eps Lost Download here..