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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Tonight's Lost, and a theory about that "black thing"

So earlier today I aired some speculation about tonight's new episode of Lost...
"My theory is that Eko is some kind of Christian mystic, like Emanuel Swedenborg (that may be stretching it though)."
Boy, did I ever get that one wrong.

So... is that the "monster" that we saw Eko stare down?

Only one thing pops into mind as to what that black cloud might be: go read Prey by Michael Crichton. And try to convince yourself that the black cloud-creature on the island doesn't seem an awful lot like the nanomachines that Crichton wrote about.

Very good episode tonight. And a pretty shocking backstory for Eko. A show like this makes me wish I had a DVR to go back and watch it all over again. Ahh well, maybe next Christmas :-)


Anonymous said...

I didn't catch it all but go look at the screen caps of the black smoke and see what is in it.

Chris Knight said...

I saw that when Eko first confronts it, and was wondering just what the heck WAS that inside the smoke. It wasn't until the screencaps went up that I realized what it was. So there goes my "nanomachine cloud" theory 'cuz what kind of computer could do THAT, much less a teeny-tiny one :-P