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Saturday, September 30, 2006

The current situation

There's been something that's been on my mind for awhile, especially since I first got serious about running for public office. I'll probably write more about this later, after the campaign, when I've had a lot more time to meditate upon some things. I can definitely say that ever since throwing my hat into the ring, that it has been a real growth experience in a lot of ways for me. I can't help but think that even if it's not in God's will that I am to win a seat on the school board, that He is using this to plant the seeds within me for something further down the road. I don't know what that might be, but the learning and understanding that He has been guiding me through during this has very much made me a different person over the past couple of months.

Running for local office has lent itself toward much contemplation about where we are as a country. Especially in the past few days and weeks. And I hate to say this but the more I've let this new eye bear down on things, the more disillusioned I've become with the current state of things in America.

How has it come to this: that we are a nation run by a gang of liars and opportunists and petty hustlers and con artists and adulterers... and now pedophiles? I know, that's more or less a rhetorical question because this sort of thing has been going on for so long now that we've actually become inured to it. But that doesn't mean that it's no less a damning conclusion to draw from the shape of things.

Like I said, I'm probably going to have more to say about this in the near future, after the election is finished, however that goes down. But I'll end this post on one thing that I've come to realize: that the root of much of the misery and malfeasance that's taking place in this country is that we have pursued power instead of righteousness before God.

And I'm especially levelling that charge at a lot of the Christians in this land.

(Yeah I mean you too Jerry Falwell: "The Lord will take care of that" indeed!)


Anonymous said...

Christopher, I think you are forgetting that the people that run this country are people like you and me. The bible says that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. To say that these people are to be of some higher caliber is unrealistic. They are people who have sins. Am I saying it is ok. By all mean NO. I am just saying dont be surprised. It is another example of a bunch of imperfect people trying to be perfect.

Chris Knight said...

It's one thing to have a sinful nature. It's quite another to use God as an excuse to persist with a sinful nature. Which is what a lot of Christians seeking more political power are doing.