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Sunday, October 01, 2006

TV ads from other school board candidates

The rest of this weekend is going to be spent finishing up my first-ever TV political advertisement. What will it be like? You'll just have to stay tuned and find out. I'll be posting it here after its done and it gets the nods of approval from my inner circle of trusted advisors. For a minute's worth of footage, it's sure involving a lot of work though.

In the meantime, two other candidates for Rockingham County Board of Education have television commercials already up and running. Being that I'm into filmmaking/video production and have ummmm... more than a little interest in this election, I thought it would be neat to post links to their commercials. If any other candidates produce commercials and put them online, I'll post links to theirs too.

So here they are: the first two candidates in the Rockingham County Board of Education race to have TV commercials. They are in Windows Media format so make sure you have the right player installed on your computer...

Eric H. Smith's commercial "No More Bricks"

(You can also watch Eric's commecial on YouTube)

Richard Moore's commercial "A New Sheriff"