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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Highest-traffic day in The Knight Shift history! This blog makes the front page of Coast to Coast and Digg!

I am... seriously wog-boggled by this day.

At 3:30 PM today I reported that 1,724 people had visited this blog since midnight: way over the usual number of about a hundred visits to the site daily.

Well, it's now a little before midnight and the needle not only got pegged, it tore completely off the dashboard.

With about a half-hour before midnight to go, this site has registered 8,773 visits today, and at the rate its going now the blog is picking up another about another 100 visitors every minute. I'll try to post the final tally before the daily counter resets at midnight.

Why is this blog being so blessed with visitors in the past little while? Well, my lil' post last year about ghost photographs has inexplicably gotten picked up by quite a few outlets today. Including... wait for it... the front page of the Coast to Coast with George Noory website!

And Digg found it too, where the article has gotten (at last count) 443 "diggs".

I dunno what to say guys, honestly. This is the most single-day traffic that my humble lil' blog has ever received. I'm feeling profoundly shocked and immensely humbled that this site has gotten so many people's attention (and for something not even really controversial, LOL). Thanks to everyone who's linked to this page today. And to all the newcomers: please stick around! I'm just a guy who's interested in quite a few things and I try to share those in a unique and engaging way. And I'm always trying to post good and fresh material (some of it I've made on my own) for you to enjoy. Thanks for being here!

Okay well that said, it's a little before midnight as I prepare to hit the "Publish" button. Let's see how far this goes before the daily counter reset...

EDIT 11:45 PM EST: While I was writing all of that the meter hit 9,725 visits today.

EDIT 11:48 PM EST: 10,003 visits today.

EDIT 11:55 PM EST: 10,585 visits now.

EDIT 11:57 PM EST: 10,716 visits.

EDIT 12:01 AM EST 10/19/2006: Well, the last count I was able to get before the meter reset itself at midnight was 10,939 for October 18, 2006. And in the minute or so since I started typing this the new day has racked up 133 new visits. I'm going to stop right there for the night but I'll check back in the morning and throughout the day during work at the station. Again, I'm floored by this. Earlier today my meter was sitting at about 54,000 and I was wondering how long would it take for it to reach the next 10,000 milestone. Heh-heh... only took a few hours... and it ain't stopping yet!! Thanks to everyone who made this a record day and me a happy blogger :-)