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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The second campaign commercial

It started airing about an hour ago. There may be one more commercial still to come before the next three weeks are over.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted you to know that I watched the second commercial. This is just what you needed for your campaign. I hope the best for you my friend. I was a little concerned about voting for you but now I feel I can vote with more confidence in your sincerity in the second commercial.


Eric H. Smith said...


Well done! I hope you are still going to run the other one as well. It does give a good message and I think that some of the bad comments probably came from folks who were not going to vote anyway. Keep up the faith and I hope we can serve together on the School Board.

In Liberty,
Eric H. Smith

Chris Knight said...

Thanks Eric! Y'know, it ain't too late to let *you* swing a lightsaber :-) Just lemme know and I'll get to work on you with After Effects! Here's hoping we'll be seeing each other on the board come December. Take care and God bless.

Eric H. Smith said...

Well, I was a fairly good hockey player so I bet I could swing a lightsaber. I am sure I would not be accurate though; I have only seen the movies once. Now give me a courtroom setting and im in like flynn.