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Saturday, January 20, 2007

A heavy example of pro-government press bias

A few days ago I wrote about Ed Brown, a New Hampshire man who is defying the federal government on the isuse of income taxes. A jury just found Brown guilty in absentia, and he's currently barricaded himself at his home. I wrote at the time that this probably won't end good for Ed Brown, because the government doesn't like independent-minded folks and it's stacked the deck against them by employing more than enough "ninja-suited" SWAT types: the sort that never learned to restrain the "id" thing within and consequently would love nothing more than to kill people.

Here's an updated story on Ed Brown published by the AP. I want you to read this very carefully, because I believe this is a startling example of how the mainstream press has become a mouthpiece for bigger government, instead of standing as a bulwark against it...

N.H. Tax Evader Prepares for Raid

Jan 19, 5:44 PM (ET)


CONCORD, N.H. (AP) - A former militia man convicted of tax evasion prepared for a government siege Friday at his fortress-like home, but U.S. marshals gave no indication they were planning to confront him.

Ed Brown said he was ready for a swarm of federal agents to descend on his property to execute an arrest warrant issued after he failed to appear for the end of his trial. He and his wife contend that they did not have to pay income taxes, and his supporters say a conflict could be violent.

"If Mexico came up on my land and tried to take my land, would I not fight?" Brown said. "The United States is the same exact thing as Mexico in this state."

Brown, 63, and his wife, Elaine, 65, were convicted Thursday of plotting to conceal their income and avoid paying federal income tax. They argued the tax is illegitimate and they are not required to pay it.

U.S. marshals said negotiations with Brown continue and they have no plans to attack Brown's Plainfield home or act quickly on the arrest warrant. He has been holed up in his home with armed supporters for much of the trial.

"He wants attention. We're determined to keep this very low-profile," U.S. Marshal Stephen Monier said.

Brown said he has a stock of food and supplies and that his home can run on wind and solar generators.

"It's all set up for me to stay here forever," Brown said by phone.

Elaine Brown, a dentist who earned most of the couple's income, was staying at her son's home in Worcester, Mass., pending the couple's sentencing in April. She said she had no plans to return to Plainfield, where she fears there will be a violent confrontation.

The Browns' case has found support on the Internet from militia members to libertarians and anti-tax groups.

Rick Stanley, a Denver-based Web radio host and a militia leader, urged listeners to join Brown at his home.

"We are continuing to ask patriots to surround Ed Brown's property and life with a ring of armed Americans with firearms and video cameras to protect a fellow American," he said. "This is the flash point. This is the time of raised pitchforks."

Take a look at the words that are selectively used in this story...
"A former militia man..."

"...at his fortress-like home..."

"They argued the tax is illegitimate and they are not required to pay it."

"He has been holed up in his home with armed supporters..."

"The Browns' case has found support on the Internet from militia members to libertarians and anti-tax groups."

And from the earlier story...
"Ed Brown denounced the government and noted a handgun tucked in the front of his pants."

"The Browns haven't paid federal income taxes since 1996 because they don't think the law requires them to pay. They argue there is no law requiring individual income taxes."

"The large home has a circular tower affording a 360-degree view of the property, which sits off a rural road. Brown said the home's walls are made from 8-inch concrete and if marshals cut his power lines, he can run his home from generators, solar and wind power."

" In a tirade against the government, the media and global warming..."

" During the past few decades, Brown has claimed membership in several anti-government and militia groups..."

There's all the right buzzwords that Those With Power want for people to associate with this guy: "militia", "fortress-like home", "handgun", "holed up", "tirade"...

Ed Brown has been tried and found guilty in the court of the press. Exactly as the media's masters want him to be. I don't agree with everything this man is saying or believes in, but I also don't believe that he ever had a fair chance going into this. The Powers That Be have determined that he is that kind of American that cannot be tolerated: an independent thinker. Because if he is free to think on his own, there may be more. And so an example has to be made of Ed Brown.

So The Powers That Be call in their attack dogs in the Associated Press and other big media outlets. They're told to paint Ed Brown as a kook, to make it impossible for the average American to think of Ed Brown in any terms other than "nutcase". That makes it all the easier to take him down without Ed Brown engendering much sympathy. An example is going to be made of Ed Brown... and as I said in my earlier post, the vast majority of Americans will watch with indifference and be glad that it isn't them who is being targeted before going on to watch more TV or get drunk or get laid or whatever.

I hate what has become of this country.

I hate what has become of us.

In a sane world, a sorry lot of politicians and their willing enablers would have been shoved up against the wall already.

I hate feeling torn between the need to be Christ-like in spite of everything, and the carnal desire to see something bad happen to these people. Because Lord only knows they don't have remorse for how they've been raping us without lube for all these years.

Is anyone else getting mad yet?

Okay, well what are we going to do about it?