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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Yet more reason why America is practically finished

Hillary Clinton says she's definitely running for President.

real tragedy of what the American political process has turned into is that inane, shallow people like Hillar Clinton, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, John Edwards, John McCain, and more others than I care to name will be pimped as serious contenders by their parties and the press, while the really interesting candidates with some measure of principles - like Tom Tancredo and Ron Paul - will never get a fair shake.

Face up to it if you haven't already: our "leaders" are picked for us. We don't pick them. The party bigwigs and their suck-up shills in the media determine who it is that the American people will think about - and how they will think about them - for elected office.

Until we tell "them" to "go to Hell", we'll never be a free country.

Nobody who desperately wants to be President, deserves to be President.

And anyone who would even consider voting for a Clinton or a Bush anymore should be dragged out into the street and shot.


Anonymous said...

Have you or anyone you know ever been able to figure out how or why John Edwards is a viable candidate for President? How much did he really do as our senator for one term or before that?

You didn't mention Barrack Obama by name. What do you think of him? I don't know enough about him yet myself. While he seems like a decent guy now, I wonder how much of that will last once his "preparation" for presidency starts.