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Friday, February 16, 2007


I had no idea this was coming, this soon. For the past few days I'd actually wondered if it would be hosted on the On The Lot website at all, considering how they've been flooded with entries.

That and a few other things that I've heard about today has made it so that I'm feeling all the more floored right now, because this was something that I was in no way expecting to happen. But, here it is. And now everyone gets to see what it is that I've been working on for all this past month.

Ladies and gentlemen, KWerky Productions is proud to present its latest film, written and directed by Yours Truly...

A comedy about love, commitment, and quantum mechanics.

Click here to watch Schrodinger's Bedroom (and if you want to copy 'n paste it's at http://films.thelot.com/films/16382 ).

The only problem right now is that it was filmed and encoded at 16:9 aspect ratio and at the moment it's showing up at 2:3 ratio, but I e-mailed the good folks at On The Lot and hopefully this'll be fixed sometime soon.

But anyways, there it is: Schrodinger's Bedroom. Starring Dawn Swartz, Chris Otto, Selassie Amana, Doug Smith, Ed Woody, Olivia Woody, Tyler Richardson, Chad Austin, and Melody Hallman Daniel (and maybe one other cameo appearance). Click here for the film's page on the KWerky Productions website, where you'll find the complete list of cast and crew credits (which we didn't have time to put on this submission for On The Lot, what with the 5 minute time length and all).

And, well... hope you'll enjoy the show :-)

(And if you did enjoy it, and if you feel so led, I would sure appreciate your taking the time to cast a vote in the affirmative for it. Thank you :-)


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