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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Surprise performer Clay Aiken wows the crowd at Winter Jam in Greensboro

Last night Lisa and I went to the Greensboro event for the Winter Jam 2007 Tour Spectacular. It's a Christian concert thingy, and we went to the one last year too and had a good time. Tony Nolan and Britt Nicole warmed up the crowd before the main gig started. Then Sanctus Real opened up the show. They were followed by NewSong and then Hawk Nelson (who every time I hear the name of this band I think of Bruce Willis' 1991 bomb Hudson Hawk for some reason). Then followed about a 15 minute break before Steven Curtis Chapman took the stage.

Well, Chapman rocked the crowd, as he's apt to do. And about 2/3rds of the way through his set he did something that had been joked about once or twice already by the performers, but I don't think anybody took them seriously. But, it happened: Clay Aiken walked onstage and started singing! Yes, the Clay Aiken! How they kept that one under wraps - and in Greensboro of all places - I've no idea. Anyway the crowd was already having a great time but bringing Aiken out just intensified the electricity of the place. Rounding out the night was Jeremy Camp, which was the first time I'd ever heard him perform (I've probably heard all the others at least twice before) but I liked him a lot.

So that's what we did last night. It was a great way to unwind and relax a good bit after the past few weeks of being consumed with making a film, and all the stuff that Lisa goes through during a routine week as a schoolteacher. Check the link I posted above: Winter Jam 2007 may be coming to your neck of the woods too sometime soon. Well worth checking out if it is :-)


Anonymous said...

You're so lucky! I wish I had been there and Clay freakin Aiken rocks my soul. Life isn't fair. :(

Anonymous said...

WWWWWOOOOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!! I wish he would come and make a surprise appearence in Asheville!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You lucky dog. I would have given my eye teeth to see Clay Aiken on that stage! He is phenomenal.