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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Confirmed: Bob Clark and son were killed by an illegal alien

Earlier this morning I wrote about film director Bob Clark and his son being killed by a drunken driver a few nights ago. I had some suspicions about what happened but didn't "air them" at the time. I said that I was waiting to hear some solid word before saying anything else.

Well, it hasn't appeared on any news websites yet but I am getting confirmation this hour that Hector Velazquez-Nava - the man who killed Bob Clark and his son Ariel - not only had three times the legal blood alcohol limit... but he was also an illegal alien.

A talented artist and his son are no longer with us, because our elected officials refuse to do a damned thing about our porous border with Mexico.

These are the same people that George W. Bush is fighting tooth and nail to grant amnesty for, by the way.

How many more Americans are going to have to die at the hands of people who aren't supposed to be here, before our politicians do something about it?