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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Lesson learned

After all these months since the school board race, tonight something very important about running for office was impressed upon me... the hard way. Let's just say that I've learned that it's not enough to adhere to the letter of the law so far as record-keeping goes. You have to go further than that, and document everything.

Why? Because this afternoon I was given the opportunity to do something relatively cool, and this was all set to happen. Except that I was missing one crucial bit of information that was absolutely needed on these guys' end before they could proceed. If I had made a note of this info at the time, this could probably have happened. But I didn't, and in spite of my best efforts I couldn't locate this information to relay to them. So, it didn't happen.

But all the same, I'm feeling rather honored and delighted that I was approached with this. It was my fault that it couldn't get any further. Next time, I'll know better. And if you ever run for office, remember: document document document EVERYTHING!