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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

First details about the TRANSFORMERS score CD (including possibility of a 2-disc set)!

Since news broke here on Sunday night that the soundtrack CD of Steve Jablonsky's score for Transformers would be coming out on October 9th from Warner Bros. Records, I've watched the album's product page on Amazon reflect considerable demand for this CD. When it first listed on Sunday night it was somewhere in the 40,000-ish area so far as sales ranks go. Yesterday morning around 10:30 EST it was #1,618. Currently it's at #217 and some are saying it might be in double-digits within the next few days. The Transformers score CD has also jumped significantly at the Barnes & Noble site (currently at #669).

All of those are just from presales, for an album that word is only now really getting around that it's coming out.

Every indication right now is that this is set to become a major selling CD. And sales are probably going to soar even more after the DVD/HD-DVD release of the movie later this fall.

Well, The Knight Shift was proud to have been the first news outlet(?) anywhere to announce the October 9th release date, and now it gets to be the first to offer up some juicy details about the CD itself! This all comes from a highly trusted and well-placed source that I am going to dub "Emirate Xaaron" for sake of anonymity. But take my word for it: "Emirate Xaaron" is as good as his namesake Autobot! Here's what this steadfast agent has to report...

- The album is already in production. Meaning that they are pressing out CDs even now.

- Sources who have listened to the CD report that it sounds "AWESOME!"

- The album is one disc and is "as complete as possible".

- Warner Records may consider publishing a 2-disc set containing all the music that Steve Jablonsky and his crew created for Transformers, which presumably would include most/all of the music not used in the final cut of the movie (Jablonsky reportedly composed about 90 minutes of score). The possibility of a 2-disc Transformers score album depends on how well the initial release sells.

- It looks like the public demand for a proper Transformers soundtrack CD might have had some effect. Emirate Xaaron reports that Warner Records had already slated the score album for a release but that it was originally intended to come out "later", in November. Now they are "speeding up the process" to get the score out!

Sounds groovy! Now all we need is a nice juicy official press release from the Warners home office to post here in big bold font :-)


Unknown said...

The news for the score release is terrific, but my only question about the 2-disc release would be: if people know of the possibility of a set coming out after the initial disc is released, why wouldn't they just wait for the 2-disc one instead of double-dipping??? I'm sure there are a lot of people (myself included) that disregarded the first releases of Sin City and LOTR on DVD and waited for the extended editions...

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! I've been wating for this score FOREVER. I do agree and wonder on the statement above about the 2 disc set.