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Friday, August 31, 2007

Quick update on the Viacom situation

Well, this has certainly been an interesting past 48 hours.

There's been lots of activity happening on this end about the deal with Viacom and me: how they claimed I infringed on their copyright after posting a video on YouTube that Viacom made by infringing on my copyright.

It's evoked quite a bit more controversy than I had expected.

May be able to talk about this more in the next few days.


Anonymous said...

It was covered briefly on the Fox8 6pm news and will be a full story on the 10pm news

Anonymous said...

"Let's backtrack for a second.

North Carolina political candidate Christopher Knight made a somewhat ridiculous commercial as part of his campaign to become a member of the Rockingham County Board of Education. The commercial featured Knight waving light sabers, paying homage to Star Wars (complete with a Death Star) in a bid for election. He ran the commercials on a local television station at the same time that he uploaded the commercial to YouTube.

The clip eventually got the attention of VH1 producers, who decided to feature it on Web Junk 2.0—a TV show that highlights "funny" videos that were found on the web. Knight says that VH1 never contacted him regarding their intent to use his not-for-profit commercial for their for-profit TV show, but he nevertheless remained amused by the development at the time. 15 minutes of fame, and all that.

Yet it gets worse. Knight subsequently posted a clip to YouTube of the Web Junk 2.0 episode that featured his commercial so that he could post it to his blog, and stream it. VH1 was not amused by Knight's reposting of the clip, however, and sent a DMCA takedown notice to YouTube, which was subsequently forwarded onto Knight."



Anonymous said...

Sue the bastards - will give you a bit more than 15 minutes of fame...

Anonymous said...

I actually agree with the above.

I'd like to see you pursue whatever legal recourse is available. I would think they might owe you more than just a formal apology.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above, and I've sent you an e-mail on what you can do since the ball is still in your court.


Also, the word verif.. the first three letters were NDA.. ie: non disclosure agreement.. ha.