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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Some TRANSFORMERS goodies: IMAX poster and track listing for score CD

Look! It's the poster for Transformers in IMAX!

And lookie here, courtesy of Amazon.com: the track listing for the Steve Jablonsky score CD!

1. Autobots
2. Decepticons
3. All Spark
4. Deciphering the Signal
5. Frenzy
6. Optimus
7. Bumblebee
8. Soccent Attack
9. Sam at the Lake
10. Skorpinok
11. Cybertron
12. Arrival to Earth
13. Whitwicky
14. Downtown Battle
15. Sector 7
16. Bumblebee Captured
17. You're a Soldier Now
18. Sam on the Roof
19. Optimus vs. Megatron
20. No Sacrifice, No Victory
Seems pretty loaded, with twenty tracks and all.


Anonymous said...

NORMAN Family, I have a little announcement.

Norman gets up and rubs his hands together.

NORMAN I do have a special Christmas present for everyone. I've watched you all suffer in this hovel for years. But over the years, I've been saving. And that, along with Mommy's sewing money, has allowed me to buy us a new house. A mansion, really. So how about joining me in a "Whoa Jablonsky'"?

The four of them do an enthusiastic "Whoa Jablonsky". Al mouths "Whoa Jablonsky?!" with disbelief.


Anonymous said...

I always thought it would be called, "Autobots Descent". "Arrival to Earth" just sounds... not majestic enough! The word "descent" makes me think of ballet for some reason, which makes me think of how majestic and graceful and epic that moment in the movie was. Oh well.