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Saturday, October 06, 2007

First review ANYWHERE of TRANSFORMERS: THE SCORE by Steve Jablonsky (and a peek at how you might be able to get a signed copy!)

The doorbell rang just after 11 this morning.

Usually that means it's Dad come by for a visit, 'cuz he's the only person who ever rings the doorbell: everyone else just knocks. So I took a looksee out the peephole to see if it was him.

It wasn't. It was a lady in a FedEx uniform holding a package.

I thought that it must be something Lisa had ordered, because she's all the time getting books and other stuff for her music classes. Although I had been told that something was coming to me via FedEx, but I wasn't expecting that particular package until sometime next week. So I signed the lil' computer pad thingy and the nice FedEx lady handed me the package and the first thing that I noticed is that it was addressed to "Chris Knight".

The second thing that I noticed is that it was sent from "Steve Jablonsky".

Here's some of what was inside:

Steve Jablonsky sent signed copies of Transformers: The Score to both Lisa and me! Lisa was especially thrilled about it: this is going to be quite a cool thing for her to show to her students! It must be said: between the Star Wars decor in her classroom, doing stuff that encourages appreciation of folk music and now this, she goes all-out to make learning music interesting.

And as for my copy, well... I already have some plans for it. This CD of Transformers: The Score signed by Steve Jablonsky himself is going to be put on display in a shadowbox, along with a printed-out copy of the online petition that I started a few months ago (including ALL of the signatures). And my original idea was to put a little plaque in between them saying "Some things are worth fighting for" but my friend Eric Wilson had an even better idea: his suggestion is that it should be emblazoned with "NO SACRIFICE, NO VICTORY!". So that's what it's going to say :-)

Along with these two CDs, Steve also sent a signed copy of the D-War soundtrack. And he sent one more signed copy of Transformers: The Score, which has a very special purpose which I'll talk more about to wrap-up this post. Which I can't thank Steve Jablonsky enough for not only sending us these nice copies of the Transformers score, but how he's helping out with a really groovy cause.

Okay, wellllll... here's the first review anywhere of Transformers: The Score. I just spent the past few hours listening to it twice. So what's it like?

In a word: "Magnificent!"

Folks, I can gladly report to you that the wait has been well worth it. In fact, as good as Transformers: The Score sounds, I now appreciate that they didn't rush this into production. It is exceedingly obvious that a great deal of care and attention went into putting this CD together. It is the common belief of many people that Steve Jablonsky's score for Transformers is among the finest in motion picture history, and a lot of us have wanted a CD that does justice not only to the movie and its score, but to the man who composed the orchestral soundtrack. Thankfully, Transformers: The Score does all of that, and more.

If you're a fan of the Transformers movie and you loved its instrumental soundtrack, you absolutely should do yourself a favor and purchase the actual CD, rather than buy a digital download. Why? Because I don't know if a digital file can come close to replicating the tremendous depth and splendor of a compact disc, and this score absolutely demands that you enjoy it at the fullest possible clarity. I cannot begin to emphasize this point nearly enough regarding Transformers: The Score. It deserves space on your CD rack, to be admired and appreciated. It's a beautiful CD to just look at, even.

There are 20 tracks on this CD. Only a few themes from the movie didn't make this cut, but don't fret: there's plenty of material here, including all of the most important pieces. And not only that but most of them are significantly longer than how they were used in the final film. The CD clocks in at just 2 seconds shy of a full hour: quite a bit longer than most CDs that I've bought in the past few years or so, but about par for the course so far as movie soundtracks go.

By the way, I can also report that the names of some of the tracks, which had previously been mis-spelled when details about Transformers: The Score first appeared online, are now spelled correctly. That is worth mentioning because not long after the track listing was revealed, some sources said that those would be the names printed on the labels because the CDs were already well in production. Now it looks like they went back and fixed these names. At least they are correct on the copies that we received. Those are noted below.

Okay well, let's get right to it! By the way, those tracks which are described on the CD as being different/longer than how they are in the movie will be marked with an asterisk ("*").

1. "Autobots"*: The opening theme from the movie, but greatly expanded. Sounds epic and majestic. Already, there's a sense of how much effort and appreciation went into this CD, because the crispness and clarity of the audio is astounding.

2. "Decepticons"*: MUCH longer than the "Decepticons" MP3 that first appeared on the Burger King tie-in website over the summer. Continuing the high quality that was introduced with "Autobots", there is also far more depth than anything we have heard before so far as available Transformers music goes, and it's especially apparent with the ominous chanting. More than any other track, I think here Jablonsky is really emphasizing the utter alien-ness of the Transformers race... which is something that hasn't been done nearly enough in the entire long history of the franchise.

3. "The All Spark"*: Music for a machine god. Has a nice, dark use of cello (I think that's what it is: my cello-playing buddy Darth Larry will doubtless tell me if I'm wrong :-).

4. "Deciphering The Signal"*: Very "cyberpunk"-ish and driving vibe here.

5. "Frenzy"*: Evil and sneaky, a fitting theme for the namesake Decepticon. This is a lot of the stuff that we heard when Frenzy was hacking into Air Force One.

6. "Optimus"*: Starts off as a soft, noble "new age"-ish theme for this, one of the most beloved characters from popular culture of the past two decades. Some beautiful strings in this track (reminds me a lot of what Howard Shore did for the Rohan theme from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers). It gradually becomes something more soaring and mighty.

7. "Bumblebee"*: A lot of the Autobot theme but "personalized" for Bumblebee's character. I thought it sounded really sweet and heroic.

8. "SOCCENT Attack": This was used twice in the movie: at the beginning when Blackout attacks the base in Qatar, and then later on when Megatron resurrects. So if you want the music for when N.B.E. 1 wakes up poky and declares "I am... Megatron!" here ya go! Wonderful music to accompany with mankind's first encounter with the Decepticons.

9. "Sam At The Lake": Pretty much what it says. For some reason I'm noticing it more listening to it from the soundtrack CD than I did in the movie. It sounds... I don't know, more "catchy". Yes, even the music from the scene when Sam and Miles are at the lake, sounds terrific on this CD :-)

10. "Scorponok"*: "BRING IT!!!" And no, your eyes are not deceiving you: the title of this track is fixed from what it was earlier reported to be! I'm looking at it on the CD label right now and it is spelled "Scorponok", not "Skorpinok". This is another one that is significantly longer than the movie version. Which will delight many because this was one of the most demanded themes from the soundtrack: Scorponok's assault on the SOCCENT survivors and then the Air Force's massive counter-attack. Of all the tracks on this CD, this is the one that I am most in fear of. Why? Because it's got that same kind of "FASTER GO FASTER!" vibe that "Duel of the Fates" from the Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace soundtrack had. Which actually caused me to get a speeding ticket a few days after it came out while driving to Elon University. I solemnly promise you, I will keep this track handy in the car when Lisa goes into labor someday and I need to get to the hospital fast.

11. "Cybertron": A very desolate, empty, haunting theme. For some reason I'm reminded a lot of Brian May's score from The Road Warrior. A sad requiem for a dead world.

12. "Arrival To Earth"*: THE MOST DEMANDED track on the whole thing, bar none! This is the track that was called "The Autobots Descent" by a lot of people over the summer (some still refuse to call it anything but that... yeah I'm looking at you Mr. Smart-Alecky Young Dutch Filmmaker :-P). Whatever it is you want to call it, "Arrival To Earth" is staggering in its majesty. The whole theme, from just before the "meteors" appear in the sky, to Optimus's introduction, is here. And there is a LOT more to it than what you heard from the movie, too! I actually had a tear in my eye listening to this one from the CD, just as I did when I watched this scene in the theater. Pretty much the heart and soul of the entire album.

13. "Witwicky": Mischievous. Notice that the title of this track is also fixed, where earlier reports had it as "Whitwicky". This is from when Sam arrives back at his house and the Autobots are trying their best to hide.

14. "Downtown Battle": This is the music that you'll probably have playing in your head when you know that something big and angry is about to arrive to lay some serious smack down.

15. "Sector 7": Trying hard to remember where this was from: when Simmons first arrives on the scene, perhaps? Good music for a government agency that doesn't really exist. Too bad the National Security Agency can't ask Steve Jablonsky if they can use it for their anthem 'cuz coming out to get permission like that would be an official acknowledgment that they are really there :-)

16. "Bumblebee Captured": A very moving track. This was a genuinely painful thing in the movie to watch: sorta like that very horrific scene in E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial that has scarred my mind ever since seeing it at the theater in 1982. "Bumblebee Captured" strongly evokes the innocence of this brave Autobot caught in tragic circumstance. Quite appropriate music for the scene's tone.

17. "You're A Soldier Now": A continuation from "Downtown Battle" with a nice reprise of all the major themes spread throughout, especially those of the Autobots and Decepticons.

18. "Sam On The Roof"*: There's a really nice use of the chorals from the Decepticons theme in this one. More continuation of the previous tracks used for the Mission City fight.

19. "Optimus Vs. Megatron": It all comes down to this: the battle between two brothers. "At the end of this day, one shall stand, one shall fall."

20. "No Sacrifice, No Victory"*: They have lost a beloved comrade. But they have gained new ones. Ends with military-like drumming along with the closure of the Autobots theme, as the remains of the Decepticons are consigned by the U.S. Navy to the freezing depths of the north Atlantic.

By the way, I haven't looked at the interior fold-out artwork much. Since the front label is what Steve Jablonsky signed, I'm very reluctant to mess with that :-) I will be buying another copy this coming Tuesday from the local retailer, and make my fair contribution. Actually, I might buy more than one, maybe as Christmas stocking-stuffers for friends or something.

How do I rate Transformers: The Score? I'll give it the full five sparks!

That's pretty much all I have to say about the actual score itself, but there's one more thing that I need to talk about to finish out this post. As I said earlier, Steve Jablonsky sent signed copies of Transformers: The Score to Lisa and me. He also sent one more, which isn't signed to anyone in particular. We asked for his help on something, and he was very glad to oblige. For this, we are extremely thankful:

There are a few things I need to wrap up on this end before I can get this going. But this copy of Transformers: The Score, signed by Steve Jablonsky, will soon be put up for auction on eBay. Where everyone can bid for it. And 100% of the proceeds will be going toward something involving music education.

There will be much more about this very very soon. In the meantime, keep checking this blog for further details.

Very special thanks again to Steve Jablonsky, for his remarkable score and for how he's helping us with this.

So now you all know what to do to help Steve out: go buy Transformers: The Score next week and put some money in his pocket!! Go buy it because you love this music and you want to enjoy it at its fullest grandeur. Go buy it because in your heart, you know it's the right thing to do. Or, don't buy it, and perish in flame.

It's your choice. But, not really.


Anonymous said...

W00-H00!!! Glad you approve. And lucky you two on getting signed copies from Jablonsky himself. :P But all in the name of music. "No sacrifice, no victory" indeed!

Matt said...

You sir, are a very, very, lucky man.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, did this soundtrack include the bits and pieces that were released on the pre-release promotional score soundtrack a few weeks ago? I'm interested in the US military theme heard when Lennox's Ospreys land at SOCCENT and during the helicopter flight to Hoover Dam.


Chris Knight said...

I don't believe the Ospreys theme is on this. For some reason I can't remember the Hoover Dam flight one from the movie: it might be on there.

Anonymous said...

The Hoover Dam theme is essentially a faster-paced version of the Soccent Osprey theme. I think this soundtrack just doesn't include the more incidental themes that only ran for a minute or less, which I suppose would be jarring on a commercial mass-release score soundtrack.

From what I can tell, the promo soundtracks that were either leaked or released for review had the tracks cut and edited as they would have been in the movie.

A shame they are unlikely to release a 'complete' score soundtrack, though.


Chris Knight said...

"A shame they are unlikely to release a 'complete' score soundtrack, though."

Word is that if the album coming out this week sells well, that a complete edition will be released.

All the more reason to buy a copy of this one :-)

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering as magnificent as the movie score itself was...is there, or do you think there will be a release of the trailer music. The final trailer that runs 2:32 roughly has some loud instrumental. You hear a very small part of it when Megan Fox is on her bike and Barricade is chasing Sam/Shia. Thanks!

Chris Knight said...

None of the trailer music is on this CD. Would love for it to be on an extended edition sometime in the near future. I liked all of the trailer music, especially (for some reason) the ominous theme from the very first teaser.

Anonymous said...

You know, when I went into the theater to first see the movie I was skeptical. I didn't like what they did with the plot and the character designs and what not. Really in all honesty I hated the movie. I don't like it, however it had an awesome soundtrack. That was one of the few things that I really appreciated about the movie. I loved the score in the theater and really it had a good feel to it. I've been looking forward to the score ever since I left the movie. I was pretty well disappointed that the soundtrack that was released was nothing but the crappy pop songs that they played at different points in the movie. I'm not a bug fan of "modern rock" and "pop" I prefer classic Rock and since they didn't have that then I didn't buy the CD. I am looking forward to this one though, it sounds very promising.

Anonymous said...

Trailer music

From what I remember, Jablonsky only composed the first half of the May 17th trailer music. The second half of the trailer (where all the robots appeared) featured off-the-shelf music that is or will be used in other film trailers. I can't remember who is credited for composing it, as it has been almost 5 months since the information was posted.

Studios do this all the time. A good example is the music from the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers tv spots that featured rather unLOTRs-like music.


Anonymous said...

Does this CD have the part in the final battle where Optimus drives up and transforms to fight Megatron? Because in the promotional version, that part was cut out.

Btw, it's awesome you got signed copies of the CD.

Chris Knight said...

"Does this CD have the part in the final battle where Optimus drives up and transforms to fight Megatron? Because in the promotional version, that part was cut out."

It comes at the very end of Track 17, "You're A Soldier Now".

A lot of people seem to be wanting that particular bit of music for some reason :-)

Chris Knight said...

"A good example is the music from the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers tv spots that featured rather unLOTRs-like music."

But the last trailer for LOTR:TTT (I think) did use "Requiem for a Dream".

THAT was kewl!! :-)

Matt said...

The two big studios who compose said music is X-Ray Dogs and Immediate Music. The LotR song is title 'Requiem for a Tower'...obviously based off of 'Requiem for a Dream'.

Now, in regards to X-Ray Dogs and Immediate Music, it IS possible to find the songs. It's just incredibly hard to find them, due to them never being commercially released in their original form, and whenever copies of them do pop up on the internet, they are very quickly shot down.

A shame that.

Anonymous said...

Chris, have you heard the promo score album (the 13 track one, not the 52 track bootleg)?

I'm just guessing b/c I haven't heard the retail version yet but, it appears that 7 tracks from the promo album do not appear on the retail version. I'm just basing this on the track titles of the retail and Chris's comments in his review. The following promo tracks appear to be missing:
Soldiers Arrive
Camaro On The Run
Sam's pink Bike Pursuit
Are You Ladies Man 217
Autobots To Te Rescue
Hoover Dam
Stumble Bumble

Also Chris, any guess at what the proper movie order of the tracks on the retail version would be?

Chris Knight said...

Dear Williams,
The promo score landed in my e-mail, unsolicited, a few weeks ago. Some of the tracks that you list from the promo aren't to be found in this CD.

It's my sincere hope that these will be on that 2-disc set we've heard might be coming, because the audio quality of the CD coming out this week SIGNIFICANTLY trumps that of any MP3s that are floating around. Hence, why I'm asking people to buy the real CD and not digital downloads, if they can help it. Because this is one soundtrack that really does merit enjoying in the best quality possible.

As to what order the tracks on this CD would be as used in the movie, as best I can tell (will be able to know for sure after the DVD is in my grubby lil' paws next week :-) it would go something roughly like this:

Sam At The Lake
Deciphering The Signal
Arrival To Earth
Sector 7
Bumblebee Captured
The All Spark
Downtown Battle
You're A Soldier Now
Sam On The Roof
Optimus Vs Megatron
No Sacrifice, No Victory

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chris!

Don't get me wrong, I'll be at Circuit City on my lunch break Tuesday picking this one up. I'd love to see a 2 CD release in the future, and hopefully not the too distant future at that.

Matt said...

I'm still debating wherether or not to buy a CD because I know that I will just rip to my computer. I don't have a CD player...all of my songs I listen to on my computer.

I'll probably decide by Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

matt: BUY IT!!! :) Please

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to get that CD. Unfortunately it will take at least 2 more weeks, as I have to import it to Germany. Anyways, I'm very happy that this online-petition actually worked. And I was part of it ;) Thanks for the effort. Keep those signed CDs like a treasure. Greets, Alex

Anonymous said...

Very bad score. The score is some kind of compilation of others stolen scores. Whatching "Transformers" movie I can hear the music from "The Rock", "Batman Begins", "American Beauty" or "Terminator"... Very sad. I'm sorry for Steve Jablonsky, but I'm sorry more about me. A version of the classic cartoons theme would be a lot better. But that's not Steve's fault.

Chris Knight said...

I think the score is perfect for this incarnation of Transformers. This isn't the Transformers that we know from either the cartoons or the comics. It's a reboot/relaunch of the concept. When I first saw the movie I kept thinking that it was a lot like Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, in that just about the same way that graphic novel reinvented Batman into what he was probably supposed to have been all along, the 2007 Transformers movie finally gave the Transformers franchise the maturity and respect that it deserves.

As to the score itself: I hear music that's similar to other works all the time. Doesn't mean that it's "bad" at all. It's fairly well known that Elvis borrowed much of his style from Pentecostal churches: is Elvis bad because of that?

Music, as with anything else that should be doing this, is an evolving artform. There's nothing wrong with using previous work to build from, because it's the stuff being made today that's going to be inspiring and leading to bigger and better stuff tomorrow. In that respect, I think Jablonsky's score makes a lot of contribution to motion picture music.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris, really nice review, gonna read it again. The track I'm really looking for and I pray for it being on this soundtrack is the cue played when Bumblebee shrinks down the size of the All Spark before leaving Hoover Dam.
Maybe it is featured on the track called "The All Spark". Can you tell us more about it ?

Chris Knight said...

"The track I'm really looking for and I pray for it being on this soundtrack is the cue played when Bumblebee shrinks down the size of the All Spark before leaving Hoover Dam. Maybe it is featured on the track called "The All Spark". Can you tell us more about it ?"

That's what Track 3 "The All Spark" is: the music from when the cube is shrinking down. And it sounds great!

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for the petition (which i signed as soon as i left the theatre). i'm french and on the french itunes store the score has been released today and it's so good. amazing score. thank you and thanks to steve jablonsky for his amazing work

Anonymous said...

"I actually had a tear in my eye listening to this one from the CD, just as I did when I watched this scene in the theater."

I know what youre talking about :) Watching it first time was awesome. Watching it second time was amusing (i knew what will happen and ive been waiting for it this time). Watching it third time was touching.
Now everytime i hear it, "sends shivers down my spine" :)
Too bad well have it a bit later then you ppl. Europe is a far place... But i can wait - you know the motto. :D

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much for posting this in your blog. I had no idea that the original score was actually going to be released. I was so very disappointed when the first album came out. Though it had some good songs, it was the score that had made me fall in love with the movie (plus the awesome graphics and plot of course). Now I can fly over to Wal-Mart tomorrow morning and pick up my copy. Many, MANY thanks!

Anonymous said...

ive been listning to jablonskys promo and the expandedp promo which is about 72 min (52 tracks)
01. Soldiers Arrive
02. Bogey Approach
03. My Ladies
05. Crazy Grandfather
06. Angry Camaro
07. Young Subject Matter
08. The Lake
09. Belly Shot
10. Pentagon To Air Force One
11. Main Frame Tampering
12. Camaro On The Run
13. Skorpinok
14. Sim In The Compact
15. Deciphering The Signal
16. Satan's Camaro
17. Sam's Pink Bike Pursuit
18. Are You Ladies Man 217
19. We're Locked In
20. Why Are You Here
21. Whitwicky House Part 1
22. Whitwicky House Part 1b
23. Whitwicky House Part 2
24. Take Em And Bake Em Part 1
25. Take Em And Bake Em Part 2
26. Criminals Are Hot
27. Autobots To The Rescue
28. Not To Hear That
29. Simmons Takes It Off
30. Speaker Phone
31. When Feds Attack
32. When Feds Attack (End)
33. Hoover Dam
34. Frenzy Falls
35. People Are Going To Die Here
36. The All Spark
37. Nokia Bot
38. Speeding Autos
39. Optimus Sword
40. F22's To The City
41. Stumble Bumble Part 1
42. Stumble Bumble Part 2
43. Soldiers Retreat - Take The Cube
44. Same Takes Off - Optimus Hero
45. Megatron Vs. Optimus
46. Mountain Dew
47. Sam In The Building
48. Surreal Mikaela
49. Sam Flares It On the Roof
50. Sam And Statues
51. No Sacrifice, No Victory
52. Sam Out Hero

I cant wait for the release to show up. im gonna buy it too. Love the promo

kevbayer said...

Great review! Thanks!

Unknown said...

I was just as anxious as anyone to get my hands on that score. I signed your petition TWICE, and was thrilled to learn they were finally releasing it. I even saw your comment on Amazon! :) Sadly, I couldn't purchase the CD itself from the store. Why? Because neither Best Buy, Target, Circuit City, Wal-Mart, or Meijer had the score. It was nowhere to be found! I was thinking, "Is this some cruel joke?" I had no choice but to download it from itunes to hold me off until I can get my hands on a REAL CD. At any rate, your review is accurate and I agree! My favorite tracks are of course Arrival to Earth, Scorponok, and Sam on the Roof. I did miss a couple of other nice pieces from the film (Optimus' speech to Autobots), but it's nothing to get too worked up over. I got my 2 faves and that's all that matters. But dang the local stores for not having them at ALL. I wonder what's up with that? Btw, you're very lucky to get a signed copy. Steve must be so grateful for your efforts (and all of us fans too!)

Fruitpunch_Ben said...

I had been holding off buying it from the US Amazon store hoping that it would be released on iTunes here in Australia so that I wouldn't have to wait 2 weeks for it to get delivered. But your review convinced me to buy the actual cd, and as no music shops here are selling the cd, Amazon it is! Unfortunately by the time I got round to ordering it they had taken it off pre-order and raised the price 3 bucks, but oh well. From what I've been hearing its definately gonna be worth it!
Thanks for all the work you've done Chris, and as jealous of those signed cds as I am, you really deserved them :)
God bless,

Anonymous said...

I ordered this from Circuit City.com since I couldn't find it anywhere in store in Phoenix, AZ. If they sell an expanded version at any time I will be first in line!

This music is WONDERFUL. I'm already arranging parts for band in my head. The Trombone section will love me :)

Anonymous said...

Heya Chris,

Thanks for dropping by my blog ^_^ .I am always a fan of scores from any films. The Transformers score was one I had been waiting for for quite some time. I was thoroughly ecstatic when my friend told me it was out. LOL. And as for the Signed CD....wow that is sick! I'd love to give a try at it, but i haven't really ventured into ***optimus prime voice*** EBAY territory before.
Keep up with the good posting and I'll be sure to pop by more often. Cheers, ^_^

Unknown said...

Hi, Im sure im very delayed, but ive been looking everywhere and your blog... you seem to know alot there is to know about the score... so i wanted to ask you.

Ive seen the movie.... 5 times. and yes i LOVEEE it.
I was wondering....

Do you know the name of the song when sam, and everyone else are on their way to the Hoover dam in the helicopter?

I cant find it anywhere and I like the sound of it alot.

Also, I absolutely LOVE arrival to earth. I listen to it every chance I get.

I'm not even sure anyone will read this, but if you know the song I'm talking about that would be wonderful if you could help me!!

Ladysoul said...

I have been listening to the tracks everyday...it's is by far one of the best and most...like you said...slow-burn intense soundtracks i've heard for years. I have already ordered a copy from Amazon just for the sake of 'clarity' and quality...can't wait to blast it out on my speakers...

oh btw, hope you don't mind me putting your review in my blog to share with others...:)

Chris Knight said...

"oh btw, hope you don't mind me putting your review in my blog to share with others...:)"

Don't mind at all, go right ahead :-)

Anonymous said...

This is by far the best album I have heard this year, and I say this as a metalhead who never listens to this genre. Absolutely epic ear candy.

Anonymous said...

Dear Chris,

People must continue to sign the petition (I did) for a re-release of this excellent score !! It must be release worldwide !! It is impossible to have it in France (exception of itunes store but it doesn't replace a real CD...)

Can you do something Chris or do you know something about an eventual re-release?



Anonymous said...

yes...a re-release would be nice for those of us not anting to pay upwards of 100 dollars for a copy. Living in a major city did not guaranty me a copy.

Anonymous said...

Can someone email me a link of the promo 52 track CD to explosivedynamite@gmail.com? and the other promo too? i don't care the condition.

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Anonymous said...

The Transformers 2011 is going to be in 3-D, and sound will special too. What a treat!.. This is so popular: we recently went to a birthday party. This was a a total Transformers tribute sort of things.