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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Y'all ain't gonna BUH-LEEEEEVE what I'm listening to right now!

It arrived via FedEx today!

It's not out in stores until this coming Tuesday!

It's (GASP!) a legitimate copy!

It's even signed by the composer!

I'm listening to it right now!

It sounds glorious!

And there is something very very cool coming soon regarding this, that is going to be for a good cause, that you are going to have the opportunity to take part in.

Review coming soon.


Anonymous said...

Oh you lucky guy you. Did Steve send it to you because of the petition? I am so jealous. I have to wait for mine until Thursday to be delivered from Amazon and its not even signed by a genius composer. Although, I am very happy for you and grateful for you starting the petition so we can have this beautiful music.

Anonymous said...

We know about it Chris ;)
Not only you have got this special pre stuff :D
Have fun, this is your victory!