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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

TRANSFORMERS Score CD Roundup: "Good first day!" at Warners but distribution problems plague Canada and elsewhere

Okay, let's try to make sense of this...

Earlier today reports came in that Transformers: The Score was being found at a number of stores across the United States. I'm wondering how many copies those places got though 'cuz I've been asking these same folks who wrote in then and they all said that they got the last or next-to-last copy on the shelves. So some went out. But were they enough?

Apparently not 'cuz the vast majority of people who've written me are saying that they can not find the CD anywhere where they live. Count me among those 'cuz I haven't been able to find it either. I'm going to Greensboro tomorrow (the "big city" south of us here in Reidsville) and will be checking out Best Buy, Target and other stores, to see if it turns up there.

Like I said before, I'm not going to be 100% satisfied until I see the CD on the shelves with my own two eyes, and can put a couple o' copies down on the counter at the cash register. This Knight's crusade is still on: everybody needs to be able to get the score.

Unfortunately, I am hearing nothing but bad news from our friends in Canada: nobody there at all has been able to find it. Or at least nobody in Canada who has either written in here or on any of the Transformers-related forums has reported being able to find the score. Oddly enough, I'm hearing that the CD is on sale in Europe.

I intend to contact Warner Bros. Records tomorrow to ask about this. And if they can tell me what might be going on with Canadian distribution, I'll pass that along to y'all.

In spite of this, I am hearing from a source at Warner Records that "we had a good first day!" regarding sales of Transformers: The Score. "The results are better than we imagined: the pre-orders which have been placed all over the world just shipped out today, and web stores like Amazon are asking for more and more CDs!" The source later added that these outlets "can't handle the large demand for score CDs of Transformers."

Since Amazon was mentioned, according to its product page on Amazon Transformers: The Score is currently #30 on the music sales rank and is #3 on the movie soundtracks, after High School Musical 2 at #1 and then Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus.

I am already hearing that the unexpectedly high sales may bode well for the chances of a 2-disc edition of the soundtrack.

And that's basically it right now for the first day of this album's release: some folks are getting it, but most aren't and that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Pray that the morrow brings better news :-)


Anonymous said...

I found it at my local Barnes & Noble, but then again, I kind of cheated, since I work there and I MADE SURE we had copies for the Tuesday release date. :-)

The score sounds GREAT -- thanks for everyone's hard work!

Unknown said...

Normally with score releases... although this is a popular release, there is not the same urgency as such over getting it to all stores on release day like band albums as such I always found..... Sometimes it takes my US contacts about a month to find a soundtrack album I want in their store after the official release so... sigh... I would have thought that WB would have given this that type of priority... oh well

Anonymous said...

Best Buy in my city - all sold out. Online they say they are backordered now.

24 hr Wal-Mart - the manager said she has plenty but the box says "do not open until 10/16" so next Tuesday.

I don't think she knows what she is talking about. I just don't think a lot of stores around here decided to stock it.

Beka said...

Yeah, I didn't have a lot of luck here around the Portland, OR area. I ended up giving in to Itunes for the time being and ordered it there after my search around local stores turned up nothing. (I'm a sdtk junky and needed my fix! :P) A lot of the sales clerks here had no idea what I was talking about and many just refered me to the sdtk that came out in June. So after many grumbles I gave up. Although, I do hope to hold the actual cd in my hands some day. >.<

Matt said...

I was also unable to find the soundtrack. I went to 5 stores - Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart, Barnes and Nobles, and Circuit City. None of them had.

Knight, don't bother looking. I live in High Point, so its fair to say the soundtrack won't be in Greensboro.

Anonymous said...

I guess you can count me among the lucky ones. I managed to aquire the remaining copy last night from my local Best Buy. As for the score, in a word: WOW! As for those still waiting I can only offer the hope that you're wait isn't long and rest assured, your patience will be rewarded. If you'll permit me a reword from the animated movie, "Until all have one!"

Chris Knight said...

"Until all have one!"

Mike that's PERFECT!!! Mind if I make a graphic of that (and attribute the quote to you 'course :-)?

Anonymous said...

But of course!

Anonymous said...

Here in Hungary this TF Score wouldn't be released... I will try to find another way to buy this CD, but I haven't got creditcard... to order it from Amazon... what else can I do?