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Sunday, November 25, 2007

The 50 greatest fictional weapons ever

ToyFare and Wizard Universe have compiled their list of the 50 greatest weapons throughout all of fiction. Lightsabers make the list twice (the standard design and Darth Maul's two-bladed terror) and I was glad to see that the BFG9000 from the videogame Doom also made the cut. There are also some things mentioned here that I'd never heard of before, like Hitler's Handgun (exactly what it sounds like, from Marvel Comics' Doctor Strange: The Oath miniseries) and some that are surprisingly obscure in this day and age (like the Target Seeking Bullet Gun from the movie Runaway). And the Tall Man's homicidal Christmas tree balls from Phantasm (left) came in at #24. A great fun read and I'm particularly glad to see what came in at #1 :-)


qemuel said...

"In brightest day..."

I was sad to see that Raistlin's Staff of Magius from the DRAGONLANCE SAGA didn't make the list, especially considering something as silly as #23 did.

Number 16 did put a smile on my face, though. Not too shabby a list.

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed that the greatest weapon of the Honored Matres from the Dune books isn't listed. But then: wild sex isn't exactly fictional, is it?

Anonymous said...

This list is total bullcrap.

The MASTER SWORD loses to the friggin' gun leg from that shitty Grindhouse movie?