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Monday, November 26, 2007

WATCHMEN official set photos!

Hey hey! Taking a bit of a break from getting my U.S. House campaign website up and running. Okay, at this point it's an "exploratory committee" and the website is going to reflect that. But it's still looking pretty good.

Anyhoo, I wouldn't normally break in from doing something serious like that (and it is a serious endeavor) unless it was pretty massively major and/or immensely cool. If you've been following this project for the 20 years that it's been attempted, then you'll understand that this certainly qualifies as both.

It's about Watchmen. Namely, the first officially released photos from the set.

I don't know what else to say but... "HOLY COW!!"

Zack Snyder and his crew have nailed it. So help me, they have actually nailed it. This is really going to happen.

Let's take a look, courtesy of this blog post on the official Watchmen site.

This first photo alone is enough to make me believe that this is finally going to work. If you've read Watchmen then you already know why this picture is a big deal...

A seemingly more innocuous pic but close inspection will reveal some more Watchmen eye candy...

Here's the Gunga Diner itself. See the taxi going past it? I'm assuming that this is being driven by the same female cabbie that we see a lot in the graphic novel. Look really close and you can see that she's even wearing the same hat!

And finally there is this one: a big re-election poster for President Nixon (this is taking place in the 1985 of an alternate-history Earth). And that's none other than Rorschach himself walking past it! Looks like he's headed toward the bar on the left. That can't possibly be a good thing...

So there ya have it: our first official glimpses of Rorschach, Bernie the newsstand vendor, the comic book kid, the Gunga Diner, the cabbie, the Nixon poster, "Who Watches The Watchmen?" graffiti, the Tales of the Black Freighter comic...

This could be to comic book movies what Gone With The Wind was to Civil War epics.


qemuel said...

I'll see you WATCHMEN pics and match them with some INDIANA JONES pics!