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Friday, November 30, 2007

Something I never, EVER thought that I would find myself writing

Okay so... what would be a good Mac to buy?

Specifically, one for high-def video editing.

(This is why you should be careful about what you say, folks. All those years of calling them "Macincraps" might finally be coming back to haunt me.)


Anonymous said...

Well the first question that a lot of people are going to ask is. Why a mac?

Chris Knight said...

Primarily for the video and audio capabilities. For the past year or so I've heard nothing but good about how Macs are awesome for video editing. And you can only get Garageband for Mac... which Lisa has played around with and likes, and I could certainly find some good use for it :-)

qemuel said...

I'm gonna ask my roommate about this tonight. He has always been the die hard Mac user in my group of friends, and I'm willing to bet he'll have some good input.

Now that I think about it, I'll also ask my friend that actually uses them for a living doing just what you're interested in...

Details as they arise.

Anonymous said...

Get the biggest honking hard drives, fastest dual or quad processor and best video card they make in a G5 Mac.

Of course, remember that all Macs are mentally deficient right out of the box.


Anonymous said...

In my business, I have to use Macintosh's regularly, though, I am a PC devotee. Stil, I enjoy using Macs for what I need to here and there in production -- I would recommend a G5, which is their highest professional standard. I loved mine until they moved it to another department. I have a friend who is in film and such -- I will ask him what he uses, though I think it's a ProBook ... or something.

Later Dayz,