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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mid-December afternoon in Reidsville, North Carolina ...

... and according to the Weather Channel website it's 72 degrees and sunny.

Normal temperature for this time of year should be in the 40s. 50s at the most. Not this. And the high tomorrow is supposed to be 78.

Gotta wonder if we're going to have to make up for this sometime this winter. By the way, when I was in Texas last week the daytime temperatures got up to the 70s, then dropped on Sunday and Monday to a high of about 50. So now Texas is cold and North Carolina is way too warm.


Abas KS said...

I haven't been to Texas nor to North Carolina.

I would like to go someday at to try the weather.

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Anonymous said...

Lucky!! We've just emerged from a ice-storm, howbeit, of milder proportions than we've seen in past winters. I love the crystalline trees, but the timid drivers are sending me out of my gourd.

Enjoy your seventies.

AfterShock said...

Well, it should be cooling off out that way shortly Chris. They are calling for colder temps and the possibility of SNOW here in the mountains this weekend. Maybe we will finally getting down to winter-type temps. At least one can hope so... :)

Anonymous said...


Reidsville and surrounding area weather...anytime you need to know


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...it doesn't like my link. Well, you can see it here also: