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Monday, January 14, 2008

Bush Administration claims public is "threatened" by gun ownership

So says U.S. Solicitor General Paul D. Clement, speaking on behalf of the Bush White House, which is supporting the District of Columbia's ban on personal ownership of handguns.

Clement also claims that the Second Amendment supports "reasonable regulation" on gun ownership.

They do all of this in the name of the "public".

But let's get real here...

Anytime the government takes more power unto itself, it will always excuse it by saying it's "for the good of the people". But it always, always, does it for itself.

American government long ago ceased being something of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Government in America... and I believe that the Bush Administration and the current Congress have exemplified this more so than at any other time in this nation's history... has long been about raw, naked, unforgiving power for sake of power. Government in America is now unbridled force without moral authority. It does what it will, without worry of retribution or consequence.

Of course this government will not want the people of this country to be armed!

I've said this before, and I will say it again, and I don't care if it does land my name in a database somewhere (which it probably will): the Founding Fathers showed profound wisdom in writing the Second Amendment. They knew fully well that human nature was corrupt and that human nature coupled with collective might was the worst element of our long history. And so there is the Second Amendment, as a last-ditch measure against that...

The Second Amendment is there so that the common American citizen will be empowered to overthrow his or her government, if and when that government becomes a tyranny... as all human government eventually does.

Let me put it another way: the Second Amendment is there to scare those in government with the fact that there really might be someone out there ready to shoot them, if they ever get out of line.

I know that there are no doubt a lot of people who are uncomfortable with that notion, but it's not my own, my friends. That was the belief of the Founders. And they weren't so arrogant as to believe that the government they were establishing was a perfect one by any stretch. They knew that someday, it too would become the very thing that they had already fought and even died fighting against.

Is that time, indeed, drawing near to us?

When government begins telling the people that they are to be limited in how they can defend themselves, then you have to wonder.

I don't think it's the American citizenry who should feel threatened at all. I do believe that the politicians and lackeys in this government should feel threatened, however. That's not too unreasonable a price to expect of them, if they truly wish to be entrusted with the power that comes with government.


Anonymous said...

I better get my gun quick then, eh? And get my bullets back ...

Chris Knight said...

"I better get my gun quick then, eh? And get my bullets back ..."

Okay, I've just got to say that the "get my bullets back" part especially made me think of Barney Fife :-P

"Slow down Andy, I need to get my bullet out of my pocket!", LOL :-)

Anonymous said...

Yet another disappointment from the Bush administration. I admit, I was very proud of the way he handled 9/11, but he has had a lot of disappointments ever since.

I just wish the founding fathers could have been even more explicit in writing the second amendment, perhaps to say: You shalt not take guns away from citizens, period.