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Monday, January 14, 2008


One of the niftier gifts that I got for Christmas came from my wife Lisa: a copy of The Star Wars Vault.

If you consider yourself a serious student of the saga's production lore, this book is a must-have for your shelf. It's not merely a written tome: it supplements the chronicle of the development and marketing of the Star Wars movies with reproductions of several official documents (including the prospective audience members' questionnaire for the first screening of Star Wars, George Lucas's handwritten notes about The Empire Strikes Back and a copy of John Williams's original composition for the first movie's ending theme). There are also two CDs with audio material, and among them is what might be the closest thing there will ever be toward acknowledging The Star Wars Holiday Special's right to exist: the track of Carrie Fisher singing as Princess Leia!

2007 was the thirtieth anniversary year of the Star Wars saga. It saw a lot of tie-in products, but The Star Wars Vault might be the definitive book that encapsulates the effort and passion that went into crafting this story. I would exceptionally recommend it.